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Garden Island Wrecks Trail Paddle & Bar-b-q
Sunday, 30 April 2006 at 2.00pm

Northern District Canoe Club members are invited to come to Garden Island for a afternoon paddle (maybe we will see some dolphins) and explore the mangroves and backwaters and paddle the wrecks trail followed by a bar-b-q.

Meet at the Garden Island Boat Ramp carpark at 2.00pm (1400hrs) with your kayak and ready to paddle (bring snacks and fluid for on-the-water) Also bring your camera (and a water proof container if taking it with you on the paddle)and insect repellant.

Map References: UBD Map 80 N6, Gregories Map 125 H6

Return to the Boat Ramp by 4.30pm for a Bar-b-q (bring a salad to share)

All Northern District Canoe Club Members are welcome for this social activity.

If you are attending please contact Ian Heard on Phone 8336 5017 or Mobile – 0413 444 687 so we can cater for the bar-b-q. If you have special dietry needs please let Ian know.

This event will be postponed if the weather is not suitable. (Wind speed above 15 kms/hour or where a change is forcast to arrive in Adelaide during the afternoon or evening.) If you are unsure ring Ian.

A limited number of kayaks will be available for members to use. If you need the use of a kayak for this event please contact Ian.

Regularly visit this website for more information about upcoming events for NDCC members.

This is the first of a series of recreation and social activities organised by your club for 2006. These activities will normally be on the third Sunday of the month. This activity is free for Northern District Canoe Club (NDCC) members.

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