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Sunday 17 April 2005.

NDCC paddle the wetland of the Onkaparinga


Just after 2.30 the group met at the car park at the end of Wearing Street, Port Noarlunga


Weather was fine and sunny with a slight breeze from the west north west


Paddled down towards the mouth of the river from the car park so everyone could get settled into and find out about the kayak they were paddling. There was a variety including Corsair, Arcadia, Ecotourer and  Contour.


Moving up the river you leave the road behind and start to notice the silence broken by the natural sounds. Black Swans feeding on the river as we rounded a bend brought the feel of the wetland. Ever present silver gulls in large groups standing on the exposed mudbanks squawk and posture as you paddle past.


As you paddle further away from the noise and hubub the variety of bird life increases.


Pelicans sleeping in the afternoon sun with busy little blacked winged stilts searching for morsels in the exposed mudbanks, Royal spoonbills startled by the intrusion of the group of paddlers fly to the opposite bank while the Ibis continue to search by plunging their bills into the ooze.



List of Birds seen (in no particular order)


Little Pied Shag

Pied Shag

Australian Pelican

Black Swan

Royal Spoonbill

Sacred Ibis

Silver Gull

Black Duck

Black Winged Stilt


Common Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper

Golden Plover

Great Egret

Masked Heron